‘Happy Misfits’ by Rutger de Regt

Ventura Lambrate has established itself as one of the hottest venues that take place during the Milan Design Week.

The 2012 edition brought over 90 exhibitions, some of which have caught Estudio Guto Requena‘s eyes.

Among our favorite pickings is the dazzling work of Dutch designer Rutger de Regt, ‘Happy Misfits’, a furniture collection which draws inspiration from the bodybuiding universe.

This precocious project – de Regt was a third-year student at the Royal Academy of Art at the time –  is a noteworthy contribution to the sociological and mediatic discussion on body culture. 

As a reflex of mass consumption, body culture inevitably made its way to some of the most polemical and complex works of art. Richard Hamilton’s Pop Art masterpiece “Just What Is It that Makes Today’s Homes So Different, So Appealing?” and the work of “Carnal” French artist Orlan are among them.

This process-based investigation in the field of design resulted in furniture which is pop, bloblike, funky and sexy.

The fabrication process is unusual – a balloon is used as a flexible mold for Styrofoam pearls. By imposing restrictions, the mold is forced onto an existing object. Shapes emerge by these same restrictions which are then sculpted till a new design comes into being. (from Rutger de Regt’s website)

For those who are in Mlian, there is still time to check out the pieces at the Ventura Lab, Via Massimiano, 6.

Check out the concept video.

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