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Design objects have past and future in Miami

The exhibition of art and design Miami reflects the culture of a place that knows how to make pop entertainment.

This year, in an atmosphere of Carnival, Miami Beach received movie stars, music, fashion and the arts between daiquiris, tattoos, flowered t-shirts and real hot weather.

At the heart of the Design District, the building housed Buena Vista art galleries, fashion and design with more focus and less commercial alternative. On display Inventory 03 – Experience of the City, the gallery from São Paulo – Coletivo Amor de Madre presented limited edition pieces.

More in Portuguese, here!


Guto also has set up his mixtape for deepbeep and was among the best of 2012. Yeah! Take a look:

My tape without adhesive and drawings.

The mixtape I made for the deepbeep brought me fond memories of a time back in the 90’s when I used to organize dance parties in the ballroom of my building, in the countryside of São Paulo. For weeks I would devote myself to the ideal set list for the dance/party with the kids from school. Who doesn’t remember (nostalgy) the long process of calling the radio station several times asking for some music? And  throughout the programme, there we were with our finger on the button (the two fingers – REC and PLAY that should be synchronized to work!) Waiting for the music to play (…)  The party was ready!

The whole post in Portuguese!

Listen the Tracklist!

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